Science of Rankings and Backlinks

The Science Of Rankings And Backlinks

A man by the name of Claude Hopkins back in the 1920s wrote a book called Scientific Advertising. It was his contention that once you are able to provide a solution for problems that people had, and trigger a certain response, you could motivate the masses to buy anything. The key was to find the trigger which would, in most cases, emotionally impact the people that were potential customers. As a result of this process that he used, he was able to sell one of the most popular forms of toothpaste at that time, Pepsodent, by conditioning people to expect that clean tingly feeling in their mouth after they were done brushing, despite the fact it did nothing to help prevent cavities or improve their and enamel. This same scientific process of understanding how triggers work can be used when you are utilizing search engine optimization techniques in order to achieve top rankings. Once you understand the science of SEO, and also how powerful certain High Authority Backlinks can be, you will be able to rank hundreds of keywords in top positions on Google and other search engines, creating the steady flow of traffic.

An Overview Of Search Engine Optimization

Over a decade ago, back in the infancy of the Internet when search engines were just getting started, search engine optimization was something that was very simple and direct. There was very little competition on the Internet simply because very few people were building websites with the intention of ranking them to get traffic and sales, but today things have dramatically changed. The strategies that are used to properly optimize a website, and to build Quality Backlinks, changes with each passing month. The search engine algorithms are redesigned ever so subtly to make sure that innovative entrepreneurs are not able to gain their system and rank whatever they want. SEO is simply a combination of on-site and off-site optimization strategies that are used to improve the ranking of websites, as well as all of the pages that have been posted. Each one will target a specific keyword, and if you have done your keyword research, you will be able to rank many of those keywords in the number one position.


The Science Of Rankings And Backlinks

By definition, science is the study of the behavior and structure of the natural world, something that is achieved through testing and observations. The same is true for search engine optimization. To understand what strategies work, it can only come through testing different strategies, and observing which ones actually deliver results. To achieve top rankings, you must first optimize your website which will involve adding unique content, embedded videos, images, and also interlink all of your related pages. Backlinks also play a vital role as they signify, at least to the search engine algorithms, the popularity of any given URL based upon how many links are pointing to that website. Once you are able to regularly update your website, and build backlinks on a regular basis so that everything looks natural, you will have no problem ranking keywords that can lead to additional sales. It is an extensive process in some cases, which is my people will use the services of a professional search engine optimization individual or company that can do all of this for them using proven techniques.

Once you have discovered which on-site and off-site strategies work the best, you should be able to implement them and see fast results. If you don’t have time you can always hire an SEO professional to do these for you, virtually guaranteeing that you will improve your overall rankings. By increasing the number of backlinks that you have, and also optimizing your website, you should have no problem at all reaching page 1 of the search engine listings for your most profitable keyword terms. This is the essence of the science of rankings and Backlink Packages that both individuals and search engine optimization professionals are utilizing today.